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Harris Interactive
The Giving Practice, Philanthropy Northwest
Millennium Communications Group & the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy, Maine Philanthropy Center and Ohio Grantmakers Forum
Council of Michigan Foundations, Hattaway Communications & the Community Research Institute at Grand Valley State University

Survey of engaged Americans

Harris Interactive

How are foundations perceived and understood by engaged Americans? Where are there opportunities and challenges?

This project has built a base of research on engaged Americans’ perceptions of foundations in order to help foundations in their communications and outreach to this critical audience.

Harris Interactive (Michele Salomon and Allison Dickin) have conducted four waves of a survey of engaged Americans. Findings from the latest waves of this survey, as well as updated data from previous waves, are covered in PAI’s latest Digest, High Expectations, High Opportunity. Findings from previous waves are covered in the Digest, Philanthropy’s Awareness Deficit.

You can also read a quick blog post, "Three Pieces of Good News for Foundations," on the latest findings here.

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