“Might trustees be the solution to the woeful lack of knowledge civically engaged Americans have about foundations?”

This is the question Jane Wales, Vice President of Philanthropy and Society at the Aspen Institute, asks in her January piece for the Huffington Post. To get some answers, she looks to a PAI project with the Council of Michigan Foundations that’s currently working to equip trustees as foundation ambassadors. How can this critical group be mobilized to communicate the value and work of their foundations and philanthropy as a whole?

Read more in Wales’ post “Enlisting Trustees as Communicators: A New Model for Foundation Communications?” here. You can also listen to a quick interview with Mark Sedway, PAI’s Project Director, about the project (called “Philanthropy 3D – Michigan”) here.

Still want to know more? You can read about the project here as well as check out CMF’s Rebecca Noricks own piece “Dispensing with Myths about Foundations” for the Communications Network blog here.